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Contact Lenses in Williamsville, Buffalo & Lockport, NY

If you are in need of a corrective solution but you don’t feel eye glasses are the choice for you, Insight Eye Care has a great selection of contact lenses available as well. Contact lenses are a great solution for those with active lifestyles as contacts will not obstruct your view in any way and you don’t have to worry about them breaking or falling off.

There are many choices for contact lenses such as whether the lens is hard or soft as well as how often you need to replace the lens. Below you will find descriptions of the many contact lens choices you have available.

Contact Lens Materials:

• Soft lenses are made from gel-like, water-containing plastics, and are most common. They're a bit larger in size than your iris.
• GP lenses, also known as RGP or "oxygen permeable" lenses, are made from rigid, waterless plastics and are especially good for presbyopia and high astigmatism. These lenses are usually about eight millimeters in diameter, which is smaller than your iris.
• Hard lenses are made from PMMA
• We offer scleral and hybrid contact lens fits. Both are specialty cl’s used on irregular cornea caused by disease (keratoconus) or post corneal surgery (intacs, penetrating keratoplasty etc..)

Contact Lens Wearing Time:
  • Daily wear — must be removed nightly
  • Extended wear — can be worn overnight, usually for seven days consecutively without removal

"Continuous wear" is a term that's sometimes used to describe 30 consecutive nights of lens wear — the maximum wearing time approved by the FDA for certain brands of extended wear lenses.

Disposal Intervals for Contact Lens:
  • Daily disposable lenses — Discard after a single day of wear
  • Disposable lenses — Discard every two weeks, or sooner
  • Frequent replacement lenses — Discard monthly or quarterly
  • Traditional (reusable) lenses — Discard every six months or longer

At Insight Eye care and Licata Optical, we carry the best brands in the industry including Air Optix in order to provide you with the best possible care.

Eye Glasses in Williamsville, Buffalo & Lockport, NY

Eye glasses are a great way to not only correct your vision but also make a fashion statement. You can change your glasses based upon your mood or outfit if you wish! Eye glasses have advanced tremendously in the past few decades and there are countless options available for your lenses.

Even more than that, we can customize your lenses to meet your specifications and needs. Some of the options available to you include:
  • Thinner Lenses
  • Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Invisible Progressive Lenses
  • Digital Lenses
  • Industrial & Safety Lenses
  • Computer Lenses
  • Sport Specific Lenses
  • Polarized Sun Lenses
  • Tinted Sun Lenses
  • Children’s Lenses
  • Anti-Reflective Lenses
  • Scratch Resistant Lenses
  • Photochromic Lenses
  • UV Protected Lenses
  • Transition Lenses

Our eye glasses start at just $79.99 so an affordable pair is always an option when you choose Insight Eye care and Licata Optical.

We have over 3000 frames in stock. We also have access to over 50,000 special order frames. Designer Fashion Eye Glass Frames available at Insight Eye care and Licata Optical.