When Your Vision Gets Fuzzy...

When Your Vision Gets Fuzzy...

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You rely on your clarify of vision. If things start to look less than clear to you, your vision could be changing. You can count on the skilled team at Insight Eye Care to take care of your eye health. We recommend getting regular eye exams to maintain optimal vision and screen for disease.

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Have you ever wondered what eye exams evaluate?

The highly trained optometrists at Insight Eye Care perform numerous eye exams for residents of the Williamsville and Lockport, NY areas, including:

Bio microscope exams. The doctor will use a bio microscope to make sure your eyes are healthy and check for infection.
Intraocular pressure exams. Combined with dilation and bio microscope exams, this test can help detect glaucoma.
Pupil response exams. We’ll look to see if your eyes are sending signals to your brain properly. This test can detect signs of retinal disease or neurological problems such as brain tumors.
Visual acuity exams. You’ll read an eye chart to determine how well you can see with and without corrective lenses.
Refraction exams. This test will determine if you need prescription glasses.
Extraocular muscles exams. We’ll make sure your eyes are working together properly.
Confrontational visual field-testing exams. This screening tool will determine if your field of view is limited. It can also help detect whether you’ve had a stroke.
Dilation exams. We’ll see if your prescription is accurate and check for eye disease or retinal disorders. You shouldn’t drive after this exam.

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