Eye Care Services in Buffalo & Lockport, NY

Choose a local optometrist to provide for your eye health needs

An experienced eye doctor does more than just determine your need for glasses. Insight Eye Care can check your eyes for symptoms of common diseases, normal vision development and visual sensitivity. Our licensed opticians provide Buffalo & Lockport, NY residents with all of their visual and medical needs. Diabetic eye checks, pre and post lasik/ and cataract care, and specialty contact lenses are all offered in-house, courtesy of our office’s advanced eye care technology and equipment. For your one-stop eye care shop, schedule an appointment with Insight today.

Eyeglasses and Specialty Contact Prescriptions

Insight offers a broad scope of eye prescription services in Buffalo & Lockport, NY

Having trouble seeing the road? Need a little help focusing on the board in class? Insight Eye Care has 40 years of experience practicing eye care, with the skills and experience you can count on when it comes to something as sensitive as your eyes. We will bring you in for an eye exam to determine your individual prescription needs, sitting you down with a top physician to find the best eyeglass lenses or contacts to keep you seeing clearly. You can come in for an eye exam and leave with your customized eyeglasses or contacts the same day (in most cases depending on stock), or have them shipped directly to your home. Insight Eye Care in Buffalo & Lockport, NY provides all of your prescription eye care needs to keep your eye health exceptional.

Save Money With Annual Eye Exams

Have a Buffalo & Lockport, NY eye doctor check your eyes

Did you know that eye doctors are typically the first health care providers to detect signs of chronic diseases like diabetes? That’s because we have an unobstructed view of your eyes' blood vessels, where typical symptoms can lurk. Preventative care is the best way to save money on management of these illnesses down the line, and Insight’s certified eye doctors can identify conditions before it’s too late. No matter your age, annual eye exams are important to your overall health. Save yourself time and money by getting your eyes checked regularly to keep a close watch on any developing medical needs. Schedule your appointment with Insight Eye Care today in either our Buffalo or Lockport location.

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